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At Cenmic Management, we are a team of dedicated Business and IT professionals passionate about helping businesses unlock their full potential through innovative technology solutions.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled and sustainable Management & IT consulting, Services for ERP solutions, and drive operational & digital transformation to ensure small and medium size businesses stays ahead in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Happy Clients and still offering best solutions

Projects have been executed and still counting

Our Online Community we have over time build trust across Nations

Team / Consultants highly trained and solution oriented

Cenmic Management is a Lean-Agile Leader that helps Organization to adopt and sustain business agility through product development, service management, coaching, training and mentoring. We are advocate of Sustainable Development for Environment, Society and Economy.

  • 01 Who we are

    We are solution leader in information excellence and accelerated innovation. At Cenmic, we build mindsets that integrate business goals with customer value. We help Organization and individual to align software activities with technical decisions, facilitates Client adoption of Business Agility to build scalable system with digital disciplines where customer is the center of product strategy and service management.

  • At Cenmic Management, our focus is to create enabling environment where products can be digitally remastered and service management are seamlessly transformed. Help Organization to create Learning Environment for knowledge workers to innovate and where Information Technology creates Sustainable Advantage in a digitally disruptive market. To lead effective change toward environmental sustainability in education, business, government, nonprofit, church and community.

  • Our digital transformation approach and execution plan encompasses Agility Assessment, team building, Onboard Coaches, Uniform curriculum design, fact—based metric for scaling and acceleration, emerging internal change agent and accelerated knowledge transfer.

    We fuel change management that transform organizations by addressing a variety of change leadership for sustainability.


our Services

Management Consulting
Management Consulting

We provide IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that will streamline your organization's IT operations


We assist small and medium-sized organizations in designing and launching new products.


We specialize in designing, implementing, and managing comprehensive ERP solutions...

Digital Transformation

We empower your business to stay ahead of the curve by driving digital transformation initiatives

Digital Transformation
Procurement and Contract MGR
Procurement and Contract Management

We are excited to discuss how our Supply and Service Contract Management solutions.

Microsoft 365 Solution

We show you how Microsoft 365 can be really handy in your business Transformation.

Microsoft 365 Solution

At Cenmic Management, we are dedicated to propelling small and medium-sized organizations towards success by providing bespoke, innovative, and budget-friendly IT and management consulting services. Our goal is to assist businesses in mastering the intricacies of the digital era, optimizing their processes, and achieving lasting growth.

Why Choose us?

We prioritize building enduring relationships with our clients, working in tandem to identify their distinct challenges and goals, and delivering unparalleled value through our proficiency, adaptability, and customer-focused approach.

By consistently staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technological advancements, we endeavor to position our clients as industry leaders, empowering them to seize new opportunities, enrich customer interactions, and make well-informed decisions that drive prosperity and long-term stability.

Choose Cenmic Management as your trusted partner in IT and management consulting and let us empower your small or medium-sized organization with the tools, strategies, and support needed to thrive in today's competitive business environment..

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Cenmic Management

Why we are unique

Tailored Solutions

At Cenmic Management, we understand that every business is unique. Our team takes the time to thoroughly analyze your organization's needs and goals, crafting bespoke IT and management solutions that are specifically designed to address your challenges and drive success.

Industry Expertise

With years of experience working with small and medium-sized organizations across various industries, our team brings valuable insights and proven methodologies to your business. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices to ensure you receive the highest quality of service.

Dedicated Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the implementation of our solutions. We provide ongoing support, training, and maintenance services to ensure that your systems and processes continue to run smoothly, adapt to changing needs, and deliver long-term value.

Cost-Effective Services

As a small or medium-sized organization, we understand the importance of cost efficiency. Our services are competitively priced without compromising on quality, ensuring you receive exceptional value and a solid return on investment.

Client-Centric Approach

At the heart of our services is a strong focus on building lasting relationships with our clients. We prioritize your satisfaction and success, working closely with you to ensure that our solutions deliver tangible results and drive continuous improvement.

Agile Methodologies

Our team employs agile methodologies that allow us to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring that your projects remain on track and deliver the desired outcomes. This flexible approach enables us to respond to changes quickly and effectively, minimizing risk and maximizing value.



Bode Olashege

Cenmic Management LLC prepared & empowered me with the relevant information and tools required to get SAFe certification and to function with real life technical and practical experience to deliver value and quality services to Enterprise wide.

Martin Ogbunugafor

I call Mr Michale Superman. What he does to help people like me not only learn what it takes and means to be a scrum master is definitely worth at least $5000. He makes himself always available. He even helps you way after you get a job with continues coaching. Two thumbs up from me!!

Valanka Antao

I would highly recommend Cenmic Management LLC services to anyone and everyone I know!Mr.Micheal is a great coach, mentor and a fantastic person! He is very professional, highly knowledgeable, patient and responsive! Most of all he loves what he does! I will continue using his services in the future. I am truly blessed to be in his traning class. Thank you so much for everything you do for us! God bless you!

Sandra Okoye

Mr Michael Areola is a fantastic Agile coach as well as a mentor. He is so hands on and very patient. His coaching style is second to none. He gives you wings to fly. I will recommend him anyday and anytime.

Ayodeji Makinde

I received my SAFe certification training at Cenmic and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Mr Michael, who is the facilitator, is a great teacher, coach and a complete gentle man who showed his passion for the job and care towards his students. He always took out time to explain concepts and made sure everyone understands. He could even devote a one-on-one time for students who need it. The classes were practical. I would 100% recommend him anytime, anyday, anywhere.

Omotomilola Amushan

I was referred by a friend to take my SAFE certification them, i had done the scrum master class before and i was not satisfied. At first i was skeptical, i thought it was going to be one of those 2days classes where you learn nothing other than exam prep. To my surprise the class was rich, we had real life scenarios, hands on test environment on JIRA. Mr Michael the coach is extremely knowledgeable, he explains in details and makes sure everyone is on board. It was easy for me to pass my test. I would recommend this class.

Faith Stephen

I had a beautiful experince during my training with Cenmic Management. They have experienced, professional and hardworking instructors, most especially Mr. Michael he is a great facilitator and very knowledgeable mentor. Either in person or virtual training, is money well spent. Thank you for your service.

Adaugo Larisa Iheoha

You get more than your moneys worth, talk about dedication to one’s work and carrying students along his a great coach and wonderful mentor was glad to be a part of his class and i very much recommend to anyone interested you won’t regret it.


Check our Team

Michael Areola

Product Development Consultant / Agile Coach

Olawunmi Oludimine

HR Professional

Gabriel Adetunji Alao

Snr Scrum Master / Sustainability Expert